Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday!!

We had a fun day today.  Daddy has been out of town all week, so he gave Mommy the morning off.  So, Mommy went and ran 8 miles with her friend and when she came home, Daddy and I were playing the piano.  
Then we went to the grocery because Daddy wanted to cook chicken wings to eat while we watched the Super Bowl.  Mommy thought it would be a good idea to put a bow in my hair before we left.  
I didn't want to wear it though because I looked in the mirror and it was too big for my head. Ok, gotta go take a nap so I can watch the Super Bowl.  I have no idea who is playing ;) 


Camels & Chocolate said...

I LOVE the bow! And the giraffe sweatshirt.

brienne said...

McK, i must say that i absolutely LOVE the bow. you should definitely where them more often! they make you look so grown up!