Wednesday, April 7, 2010


As always, Grammie did an EXCELLENT job making my Easter dress (she of course always does a good job on all my dresses!) Here are some pics that Daddy took of me on Easter in my new dress. Grammie went all out and even made me a slip and bloomers with my name on them. Thanks Grammie! Mommy even bought me some new shoes for the occasion. I like to call them "Easter shoes." Enjoy the pictures!

We had a GREAT Easter weekend as a family!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pre-Easter Photo Shoot with Gracen

Last weekend it was so pretty outside, so Mommy and Aunt Stefanie decided they wanted to take us girls and our Daddies to The Botanical Gardens to take some pictures. We sure are beautiful cousins, don't ya think?
We love to give each other hugs
And kisses
Here is me posing for Mommy
Watching the quack quacks (i.e. ducks)
Playing with the pretty tree
Daddy must have told a funny joke ;)

Telling Gracen a secret
One last hug before calling it a day
I love my cousin Gracen - we have the best times together. In a few weeks, Grant is going to be joining us - I'm SUPER excited - though I'm not sure I want to share Gracen with him :)

Yesterday was Easter and Daddy took a lot more pictures of me in my dress that Grammie made me - I promise to post those pictures soon - time for bed now!