Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ice/Snow Storm 2010

Yesterday it snowed at our house!!!!!!! Unfortunately as the day went on, we just had ice falling. But, I took the opportunity to get dressed up in my rain gear that my "Aunt" Kristin gave me.

I'm a ladybug
Check out my cool umbrella ;)
I got to spend the entire day with Mommy and Daddy because all the businesses and schools were closed. Mommy spent the day putting this together for me (My toys took over the eat in kitchen ;)
I think it's pretty cool ;)
Then when it was time for bed, the electricity went out. I was scared because it was so dark, but Daddy lit all the candles in the house so we could see. Fortunately, the lights came back on after an hour. I cheered when they did! Oh, and guess, what?!? I don't sleep with my paci anymore. I decided paci's were for babies and I'm a big girl now (ok, so maybe Mommy decided this for me ;)

The next morning, we were all in for a big surprise - our house was covered in ice!! Check out our birch tree! It doesn't normally look like this........
And this tree is leaning on our house. Uh Oh
Daddy took my picture through the window. Hehehe, silly Daddy
Java liked the ice too
And so did Rylie
And then after the roads cleared up Gracen came over to visit. Check out us sitting at the table like big girls eating lunch
I hope everyone stayed safe during the ice storm. I'm thankful that we have a warm house and that the ice will be leaving very soon!