Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gracen & Grant Spend the Night & I Colored My Mouth

Sorry to all my faithful readers for my lack of posts lately, but I have been VERY busy! Mommy and Daddy thought it would be a good idea to put our house on the market and try to sell it before Baby Margaret arrives, so we have been very busy with that. We have also all been trying to get the house ready for a new baby as well, so that has taken up most of my time.

Anyways, last weekend, Mommy and Daddy invited Gracen and Grant to come over for our first ever overnight slumber party. We started the evening out by trying to teach baby Grant how fun tummy time could be.This lasted about 15 seconds before us big girls ran off

I have a big girl bed now that is a trundle bed, so plan was for me and Gracen to sleep in the same room, but we had different plans. We have too much fun together to sleep! Maybe next time Mommy!

After they left, I decided to color while Mommy and Daddy rested and this is what happened:

I colored my face with my Dot Dot markers ;)

Mommy and Daddy, you just wait until Margaret gets here and I have a partner in crime.

Mommy is now 31 weeks pregnant, so I'll be a big sister VERY soon!!! I found Margaret's paci that Mommy bought her yesterday and i can't wait to give it to her!