Friday, May 29, 2009

Redneck Bowling

Every Wednesday night, a bunch of my buddies are in a bowling league.  Mommy, among many others, like to refer to it as redneck bowling because, well that's kind of what it is.  The name was given to the bowlers by mommy's bootcamp instructor, Tony.  Well, on Wednesday 'Aunt Lindsey' and 'Aunt Celeste' invited me to go.  Mommy, I'm not quite so sure about these redneck bowlers (the following picture was taken by 'Aunt Lindsey - don't want to get sued for violating the copyright laws ;)
But, after I was there for awhile, I realized that bowling looked fun!
I sure hope I get invited to redneck bowling again soon!  Daddy, can I have please have my birthday party at the bowling lanes?

I Love My Dogs

One of my favorite things to do is stand outside of Rylie's kennel and taunt her.  I think it is hilarious and don't understand why Rylie does not.  Also my new favorite word is 'gawg.' 
Poor Rylie!  But, she is always a good sport about it.  She even lets me pull on her tail and ears without growling at me.  I love Rylie!
I also like to play in the dogs water bowl and with their food.

Uh Oh, Mommy caught me.
Thank you Rylie for being my friend!

Happy Birthday Gracen!!

Last Saturday, was cousin Gracen's birthday.  Her Mommy & Daddy had a super fun party for her.  Here is Gracen before all the festivities.  Her Daddy got her a super cool airbrush shirt for her big day!
Gracen got TONS of cool toys (which is good for me since I get to play with them every Wednesday).  Mommy didn't get any pictures of Gracen opening her gifts since she was chasing me around because I didn't want to sit still.  But, we did get pictures of the cool part - CAKE!!  Aunt Stefanie made Gracen her very own cake and let her eat as much of it as she wanted
I hope Mommy does the same thing for me at my party in a few weeks (hint, hint, Mommy).  Then it was my turn for a cupcake.  I don't know quite what to think about this, Mommy.
But, I guess I will try some.
Hahaha, I got some in my hair.  Good thing Mommy took all my clothes off before cake time.
Happy Birthday Gracen, hope you had a very special day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Congratulations Dr. Captain Uncle Andrew!

It was a crazy, but fun week!  On Friday, we loaded up the Jeep and traveled about 9 hours to Mobile, AL to see Uncle Andrew graduate medical school.  Normally, it would not take this long, but I was not happy about the car ride, so we had to make a lot of stops.  Graduation was so cool (even though Daddy took me home halfway through the ceremony).  Not only did Uncle Andrew graduate medical school, but he was also promoted from Lieutenant to Captain in the Air Force!!!  AND he got an award for Most Outstanding Student in Emergency Medicine.  We are all so proud of him!  Sorry there are no pictures, but Mommy left her camera in the car. Can you believe that?!?  

To celebrate Uncle Andrew's accomplishment, we all went to the beach.  And when I mean all, I mean ALL!  Of course Daddy, Mommy, Grammy, Granddaddy, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Kelly came, but also Great Granddaddy, Aunt Watts, Uncle Greg, Cousin Kristin, Cousin Kari, and Aunt Kelly's parents came.  Wow, what a crew!!!

The first day at the beach was Mother's Day.  It was Mommy's first Mother's Day, so it was really special.  Daddy and I got Mommy a pearl bracelet because it is my birthstone.  Wasn't that sweet of us?!?  

In the morning, we lathered up in SPF 50 and headed to the beach.  Here is me in the sand
And then Mommy and Daddy wanted me to get in the ocean.  Ahhh, Mommy, I don't think so - this is COLD!!!
Even though they almost gave me frostbite, I still smiled for the family photo.  Aren't we a good looking family?
After staying at the beach for a little while, Mommy and Daddy took me to the pool to try out my new turtle float.
Ahhhhh, Mommy, this is MUCH more fun!  I think I will even pose for the camera!
I had SO much fun at the pool that Mommy and Daddy decided this is where we would spend the rest of our short stay in Sandestin ;)

Since it was Mother's Day, all of us kids got together and decided we wanted to take our Mother's out for dinner!  We went to the Red Bar and it was delicious!  After dinner, we took pictures of all the mommies.  Here is me with Mommy and Grammy.  3 generations!
Then we took another family photo!
We had SO much fun at the beach and spending time with all the family.  Sorry I don't have any pictures of the rest of the family, but don't worry, I will post them with I get them.  Plenty of pictures were taken - but I have to wait until people e-mail them to me ;0.  Aunt Kristin even took a movie of me playing on the bed (click HERE to see the video).  I loved playing with all the family and I think they enjoyed seeing me.  I will post pictures when I get them, I promise.  

Ok, gotta go take my nap because Mommy and Daddy are taking me to BBQ fest tonight!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's May and I'm Getting Big Fast

I can now stand up anywhere, holding onto anything. Yesterday I even stood up by myself for a few seconds. Here is me the other day when Mommy came to get me out of bed. I always stand waiting patiently until she gets me up ;0
Mommy, get me out of here!

Yesterday, Mommy wanted me to try on my new suit to make sure it fit since we are going to the beach next week
It fits great, Mommy. And check out my new teeth coming in
After I tried on my new suit, Mommy let me wear the outfit that Gracen gave me for Christmas. I thought I would pose while holding onto the gate
Mommy, I am up to no good!

Then Mommy took me to go see Miss Lindsey's new puppy, Jax. He ate my fingers

And chased me around the room
Jacks really liked me because I was his size and was always on the move just like him. I liked him too, Mommy can I have a puppy, PLEASEEEEEEE?
I am going to Uncle Andrew's medical school graduation this week and then we are going to the beach. Sorry if I don't have a chance to post anymore pics until I get back, but I'm going to be busy!