Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Gracen!!

Last Saturday, was cousin Gracen's birthday.  Her Mommy & Daddy had a super fun party for her.  Here is Gracen before all the festivities.  Her Daddy got her a super cool airbrush shirt for her big day!
Gracen got TONS of cool toys (which is good for me since I get to play with them every Wednesday).  Mommy didn't get any pictures of Gracen opening her gifts since she was chasing me around because I didn't want to sit still.  But, we did get pictures of the cool part - CAKE!!  Aunt Stefanie made Gracen her very own cake and let her eat as much of it as she wanted
I hope Mommy does the same thing for me at my party in a few weeks (hint, hint, Mommy).  Then it was my turn for a cupcake.  I don't know quite what to think about this, Mommy.
But, I guess I will try some.
Hahaha, I got some in my hair.  Good thing Mommy took all my clothes off before cake time.
Happy Birthday Gracen, hope you had a very special day!

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