Friday, May 29, 2009

Redneck Bowling

Every Wednesday night, a bunch of my buddies are in a bowling league.  Mommy, among many others, like to refer to it as redneck bowling because, well that's kind of what it is.  The name was given to the bowlers by mommy's bootcamp instructor, Tony.  Well, on Wednesday 'Aunt Lindsey' and 'Aunt Celeste' invited me to go.  Mommy, I'm not quite so sure about these redneck bowlers (the following picture was taken by 'Aunt Lindsey - don't want to get sued for violating the copyright laws ;)
But, after I was there for awhile, I realized that bowling looked fun!
I sure hope I get invited to redneck bowling again soon!  Daddy, can I have please have my birthday party at the bowling lanes?


Camels & Chocolate said...

McKayla, you should get yourself an agent.

brienne said...

i LOVE the first picture in this post mck! that some cute look you got going on. maybe i'll join you next time for redneck bowling... let me know when you are going next! :)