Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Shoes & Crazy Hair

On Saturday, I went swimming at Brienne's (Mommy's work buddy) pool.  When I got home I was exhausted, so Mommy just put me to bed with my hair wet.  Check my hair out when I woke up.
Haha, Daddy thought I looked like a Rock Star
On Sunday, Daddy took me to the zoo for some fun, while Mommy went out and bought me some new Nike shoes and ran some errands.  Here is me after I put them on.  Haha, Mommy, these are super cool!!!
Look Mommy, I can even stand up on 1 foot!  After wearing my new shoes for a few minutes I stood up all by myself for about a minute.  Mommy, watch out!!!!!
Today, I did so many new things.  I pushed my toy all the way across the yard and drank all of my milk out of my sippy cup.  Mommy was SO proud of me, but sad at the same time.  I'm not a little girl anymore!!!  After my fun day, Mommy and I went inside and found Madellyn in my bed!
Hahaha, Madellyn, you are silly and NOT allowed in MY bed!!!!!  Mommy and I did a lot of shopping today for my party in a few weeks.  I can't wait - it won't be long until I am ONE!!!


brienne said...

aww... this post had so many fun elements! love the hair mck and i'm really jealous of the new kicks! you're getting SO big! you'll have to come swimming again REAL soon!

andrew said...

McKayla, it's been a while since you posted, and somehow I get the feeling that you'll be walking around real soon. Any progress?

Arielle said...

Nice pics!! Looking sooo adorable in wet hair. I love your new shoes those are as cute as you.