Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family Weekend

Last weekend, we all packed up and went to celebrate Pop Pop's b-day at his lake.  He just had a new dock built too - it was super fun.  Happy Birthday Pop Pop - hope it was a special one.  Here is me and Pop Pop celebrating.  He took my shirt off b/c he though I was hot.  Silly Pop Pop.  Sorry, you can't really see Pop Pop - my head is too big!
On Sunday, we went Gangi and Pop Pop's house b/c Pop Pop, Uncle Jared, and Brandon and Will were having a rib cook off.  All the grown ups had 1 rib from each competitor and then they voted.  Guess who got LAST place?!?!  Yep, Pop Pop!!  We all thought it was pretty funny that Pop Pop got beat by all the young guys.  Hehehe.  While the guys were grilling, Gracen and I played in her pool.
It was SO much fun - I love playing in the water!
If you were wondering why all the pictures on this post are so good it is because Aunt Stefanie took all the pictures with her fancy camera.  Thanks Aunt Stefanie!

On Tuesday, Mommy was folding clothes and she came back and found me in the pantry.  I'm always into trouble!
Mommy and Daddy are going to be doing yard work and fixing up the house all weekend for my party next week - I can't wait!  


Andrew said...

You are a monstrosity, just so you know. You're definitely ready to turn one since you're sitting up in the pool all by yourself.

Camels & Chocolate said...

McK, when did you get such a belly on you, girl? Has Uncle Andrew been slipping you beer under the table? I kid, I kid, you're just in the 75th percentile for heaven's sake!