Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hard Days Work

On Saturday, Mommy and Daddy worked really hard on the backyard, so we could have a pretty place to play for my party.  They worked all day.  Mommy chased me around all day and painted the windows when I was napping.  Daddy hung the swing under our new arbor
 and planted me a garden.  
Mommy got sick of watching me, so she locked me in Rylie's kennel.
Hahaha, just kidding, I did this to myself!

No more projects for us, at least for now.  Time to enjoy the summertime!

1 comment:

KA said...

Your Mommy and Daddy did such a good job on your backyard. I am sure your party will be a success. We can't wait to see and play with you in two weeks!!!!