Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1st Vacation - Gulf Shores

I just got home from my 1st trip to the beach.  I had a blast.  I was so good this week for my mommy and daddy because I want them to take me back very soon.  Here are some pics from the week:
Here is me and Mommy
Family Photo
Me and Daddy
My first time at the beach.  Mommy lathered me up with 50 SPF and put a hat on me.  It was about 70 degrees outside, but mommy likes to be on the safe side.
Playing in the sand.  Of course, I had to taste it - it was actually pretty good!

After we had been there a few days, guess who came to see us?!?  Uncle Andrew and Aunt Kelly!!!!!  I was SO excited to see them.  They love to see me and I was so glad they drove to see me.  I was sad after they left, but they promised to come see me at Christmastime.  
Here is me and Uncle Andrew.  Grandmother Lou thinks we look alike, what do you guys think?!?
Then I played on the beach again.  It was a lot colder today, so Mommy made me wear more clothes.  I hope they bring me back next year so I can wear a swim suit.
Here I am pondering about the life I have ahead of me.  Its a tough world.

Now we are home and I am exhausted from a long car ride.  I was really good on the way home and cried when I went to bed because Mommy told me that she had to work tomorrow :(  

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eating Already?

Mommy has been feeding me rice cereal for a few days now, but was unable to capture it on film because she had no free hands and daddy was never around when I ate.  So, today when I went to Gangi  & Pop Pop's house for the day, they took pictures as I ate.  Enjoy watching them torture me....
Gangi, no, that looks gross, I mean, would you eat it?
Get that nasty stuff away from me!
Gross!  I told you I wasn't going to like it.  

After I ate my cereal I took a nap.  I got really hot, so I couldn't sleep, so I tried to take my shirt off.  
I wasn't successful because Gangi caught me in the act.  Mommy is starting to feed me more, so I am not as hungry anymore.  It is about time.  I have been telling her for weeks that I was starving, but she kept thinking I was teething, but no I was just hungry.  I'm just a baby and I need to eat!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Went to See My Great Granddaddy!

On Friday I went and had my 4 month shots.   I weighed 13 pounds, 10 ounces and was 24 1/2 inches tall.  I am in the 50th percentile for weight and 75th percentile in height!!!  Mommy was SHOCKED!  Mommy kept telling me how she was never even on the charts, so she was so proud of me!

Then we went and saw my Great Granddaddy!  We had the best time visiting him.  I hadn't seen him since we were there when I was one month old.  I had grown a lot in the past 3 months.  We love to go see him and hope to go back really soon.
The doctor told me I could start on rice cereal, but I did NOT like the taste of that.  I prefer my Similac.   After my morning bottle I fell asleep on my granddaddy's shoulder.
On the way home we stopped in Nashville and ate lunch with Uncle John.  He was really excited to see me.  He and mommy talked a lot about buying couches :) 
Time for bed.  Mommy and I are exhausted from our weekend. 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Weekend

Daddy was out of town, so Mommy packed me and Java and Rylie up in the Jeep and headed to see Gangi & Pop Pop in the woods.  Before supper I was very happy and was playing on the floor.
I waited until everyone sat down to eat until I got grumpy, so Pop Pop held me during dinner. The chicken wings smelled really good, so I grabbed for one and it was YUMMY!!!
Right before bed, Gangi changed her sheets on her bed and then Java and Rylie ran up the stairs and jumped in her bed.  We all thought it was really funny except for Gangi :)
Now Daddy is home and we are really excited!!  I have been making Mommy and Daddy laugh all afternoon with all the fun new things I am doing.  I hope the stock market has a better week this week so Mommy and I can have more fun together.  

Friday, October 10, 2008

While Mommy watched the stock market all day and checked her work e-mail, I played in my new toys.

Mommy told me my education fund had lost a bunch of money, but since I'm going to get a full scholarship to the college of my choice, I'm not too concerned.  I'm off to bed because tomorrow is going to be busy.  I'm glad the stock market is closed on the weekend, so Mommy will give me more attention.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wow, what a week!!

I had a pretty good week, but mommy sure didn't because she had to work.  We all had fun going to see Pop Pop in the woods last Friday night.  I was very good and just slept most of the time.
On Sunday, I made mommy and daddy really proud when I started rolling over BOTH ways!!!  It was so much fun that I just kept doing it over and over again.  Mommy and Daddy were shocked.  I have been doing it ever since so now I sleep on my stomach sometimes. It is not as scary as I thought it would be!

It has been a really rough week for Mommy at work because of all that is happening on Wall Street and in the economy.  She has come home really stressed out, but not last night because she gets to spend the day with me.  
Sorry, this next picture is kind of blurry, but I thought I looked really pretty in it, so am going to put it on my blog anyway.
Ok, gotta 2 go - mommy told me to get off the computer because we have to go get her oil changed.  

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oct 1st

Yesterday, Mommy's friend Tammy came over with her son Beck.  I went and saw Beck when he was born, but he is a lot more fun to be around now.  Here is me flirting with him.  Mommy told Tammy that we were NOT allowed to date until I was 30.
After all my fun with Beck, I had to take a bath so I wouldn't be stinky tomorrow.  Mommy wrapped me in my favorite flower towel.  
 Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.  Can't wait to see what happens on Wall Street tomorrow.  Mom came home from work saying that Congress was meeting again tomorrow.  We will see what happens.