Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Weekend

Daddy was out of town, so Mommy packed me and Java and Rylie up in the Jeep and headed to see Gangi & Pop Pop in the woods.  Before supper I was very happy and was playing on the floor.
I waited until everyone sat down to eat until I got grumpy, so Pop Pop held me during dinner. The chicken wings smelled really good, so I grabbed for one and it was YUMMY!!!
Right before bed, Gangi changed her sheets on her bed and then Java and Rylie ran up the stairs and jumped in her bed.  We all thought it was really funny except for Gangi :)
Now Daddy is home and we are really excited!!  I have been making Mommy and Daddy laugh all afternoon with all the fun new things I am doing.  I hope the stock market has a better week this week so Mommy and I can have more fun together.  

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