Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eating Already?

Mommy has been feeding me rice cereal for a few days now, but was unable to capture it on film because she had no free hands and daddy was never around when I ate.  So, today when I went to Gangi  & Pop Pop's house for the day, they took pictures as I ate.  Enjoy watching them torture me....
Gangi, no, that looks gross, I mean, would you eat it?
Get that nasty stuff away from me!
Gross!  I told you I wasn't going to like it.  

After I ate my cereal I took a nap.  I got really hot, so I couldn't sleep, so I tried to take my shirt off.  
I wasn't successful because Gangi caught me in the act.  Mommy is starting to feed me more, so I am not as hungry anymore.  It is about time.  I have been telling her for weeks that I was starving, but she kept thinking I was teething, but no I was just hungry.  I'm just a baby and I need to eat!


the mommy said...

ok, the girl is just super advanced! she cracks me up! i can't believe she can wiggle herself out of her clothes! hey - BUMBO?? we'll get it out of the attic if you want - i think it'd be easy for the beach.

Camels & Chocolate said...

Why is my niece sporting some sort of faux hawk in that last picture, I ask you? Maybe you should start feeding her chocolate instead--she'd like that for sure, I know. She is a Housholder after all.