Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1st Vacation - Gulf Shores

I just got home from my 1st trip to the beach.  I had a blast.  I was so good this week for my mommy and daddy because I want them to take me back very soon.  Here are some pics from the week:
Here is me and Mommy
Family Photo
Me and Daddy
My first time at the beach.  Mommy lathered me up with 50 SPF and put a hat on me.  It was about 70 degrees outside, but mommy likes to be on the safe side.
Playing in the sand.  Of course, I had to taste it - it was actually pretty good!

After we had been there a few days, guess who came to see us?!?  Uncle Andrew and Aunt Kelly!!!!!  I was SO excited to see them.  They love to see me and I was so glad they drove to see me.  I was sad after they left, but they promised to come see me at Christmastime.  
Here is me and Uncle Andrew.  Grandmother Lou thinks we look alike, what do you guys think?!?
Then I played on the beach again.  It was a lot colder today, so Mommy made me wear more clothes.  I hope they bring me back next year so I can wear a swim suit.
Here I am pondering about the life I have ahead of me.  Its a tough world.

Now we are home and I am exhausted from a long car ride.  I was really good on the way home and cried when I went to bed because Mommy told me that she had to work tomorrow :(  


the mommy said...

the pictures with her hat on - oh my goodness she is hilariously cute! but seriously, do you ever feed that child? i'd like to see some chub on those cheeks!
looks like she made good use of the bumbo, good for her!

Camels & Chocolate said...

I really hope you frame that last picture--classic! And what a great family portrait! Can't wait to see my niece and also to go to the beach with her next May!

ourlifefromscratch said...

McKayla, you are much different than the last time I saw you. You're really starting to fill out your figure! Looking good!

jeaniekk said...

NO! She DOES NOT look like him!