Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's May and I'm Getting Big Fast

I can now stand up anywhere, holding onto anything. Yesterday I even stood up by myself for a few seconds. Here is me the other day when Mommy came to get me out of bed. I always stand waiting patiently until she gets me up ;0
Mommy, get me out of here!

Yesterday, Mommy wanted me to try on my new suit to make sure it fit since we are going to the beach next week
It fits great, Mommy. And check out my new teeth coming in
After I tried on my new suit, Mommy let me wear the outfit that Gracen gave me for Christmas. I thought I would pose while holding onto the gate
Mommy, I am up to no good!

Then Mommy took me to go see Miss Lindsey's new puppy, Jax. He ate my fingers

And chased me around the room
Jacks really liked me because I was his size and was always on the move just like him. I liked him too, Mommy can I have a puppy, PLEASEEEEEEE?
I am going to Uncle Andrew's medical school graduation this week and then we are going to the beach. Sorry if I don't have a chance to post anymore pics until I get back, but I'm going to be busy!


Camels & Chocolate said...

McK, I love your new outfit from Gracen. Pink is your color, girl. You should probably bring the outfit to the beach so your Aunt Kristin can borrow it. By the way, I'm glad to see you're smiling big for the camera again, because I think there might be a camera--or seven--on you the entire time you're at the beach...something tells me...

Andrew said...

You are a monstrosity, little one. I look forward to babysitting you and getting run ragged on Friday. Do you like playing with packed boxes? Because that's about all you'll get.