Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Week

I have had so much fun this week. After 4 weeks of having a cold I am FINALLY getting better!!! Here are some pictures of my week.

When I am awake in my crib, I always like to pull down my bumper pads that Grammie made and peer out.  
If you look real close you can see my 2 teeth!
After I got up, I played with Mommy on the floor.
Check out what is in my hand in this next pic ;)
Then later today I drank water out of my sippy cup all by myself!
Tonight Grammie is coming over so we can celebrate her birthday.  I am not allowed to tell anyone which one it is, but I will give you a hint, it ends in a ZERO!!  We are all so glad that she gets to spend her special day with us and love her so much!!


andrew said...

Aw naw, is Grammie 30? She's a sly one, isn't she?

Camels & Chocolate said...

McK, you got more adorable (and advanced) by the day. Come see me in CA!!!