Friday, February 20, 2009

Day with Gangi, Gracen, & Stefanie

On Wednesday when I went to spend the day with Gangi, Aunt Stefanie and Gracen were there too, so I got to play with Gracen all day!!  It was such a pretty day outside, so Gracen and I got to go on a walk.
And swing with Gracen and Gangi
And then Gracen shared her toy with me.
When Mommy came and picked me up, I had just had a little accident, so Gangi put me in the big tub
Then Gracen joined me and we played together while Gangi gave both of us a bath.
It was such a fun day!  Tomorrow Mommy is going shopping all day with Aunt Stefanie, so I Daddy and I are going to play together all day.  Can't wait to blog about our adventures together!


Camels & Chocolate said...

Finally, some bath pictures! Hehe. Every baby girl need some quality shots of her in the tub!

the mommy said...

oh my goodness they BOTH look just like their dads!