Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bath with Grammie

Ok, ok, I know I have already blogged today, but wanted to show everyone pics from tonight.

Mommy had to go to the doctor today and that mean man cut on Mommy's tummy.  After the medicine wore off her tummy started hurting really bad, so Grammie came over to help me get ready for bed since Daddy was at class tonight and Mommy couldn't pick me up.  Grammie gave me a bath and look what she did to my hair!
I couldn't help but to smile :)
Mommy and I were so glad that Grammie came over tonight!


Mamie said...

i love reading your blog!!! :) so cute, hope mommy's tummy is better SOON!!!

Camels & Chocolate said...

Ahahahahaha, love it! McK, you're going to have your Mommy and Grammie's hair!

Coco, what happened to your poor tum-tum?