Friday, February 27, 2009

I love Fridays!!!

Today was such a pretty day outside that Mommy put me in the stroller and we went to the park. Here is me swinging.  I thought it was SO much fun to swing.  I laughed the entire time especially when Mommy pushed me.  Sorry the pic is small, but Mommy took it with her fancy phone.
Then we got back and played together.  Here is a pic of Mommy and I trying to take a pic by ourselves.  Close ups are not our best shots!
Well, maybe they are when Mommy is not in the pic.  Hehehe.
Then the phone rang and I 'crawled' to get it - Mommy, how do you work this thing?
Tonight we are going to dinner with my buddies Julia and Charlie and they are bringing their parents.  We will see if I act like a big girl or not!

Mommy is running a 10k tomorrow and promised I could go with her, but now I have to stay home with Daddy since it is going to be too cold and rainy.  Oh well, we will still have fun.  TGIF!!


s said...

Hey McKayla... it's your Aunt Jeanie/Sweeney/Watts!!! I love you, just wanted to tell you. And, you look cute in a swing...bling... anything! Tell your Mommy Hi!

the mommy said...

mck we had so much fun with you!!! and you WERE a good girl, especially considering our pizzas took an hour! : ) xoxoxo

Camels & Chocolate said...

McK, you have quite the head of hair on you, girl. Just like your mommy!

Kelly said...

she already wants to talk on the phone... uh oh!