Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

I saw Mommy on the computer this morning reading 25 random things about her friend.  I thought I would do the same thing.

1.  My Mommy and Daddy are the greatest.
2.  I'm scared of the vacuum.
3.  I love Similac
4.  My favorite thing to do is jump
5.  I was 5 pounds 9 ounces and 18 1/4 inches when I was born on June 19th.
6.  My Mommy and Daddy started dating in high school and have been married for 4 years.
7.  I love spending time with my grandparents.
8.  Grammy makes a lot of my clothes
9.  I don't like to take naps at Gangi's house.  
10.  I do not like socks.
11.  I now weigh almost 19 pounds and am 7 months old.
12.  My Mommy weighed 17 pounds at 1 year old.
13.  My 1st tooth is coming in and it hurts
14.  I started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old and have done it ever since.
15.  I can sit all by myself
16.  My Daddy works at Smith & Nephew and Mommy works at Legacy Wealth Management.
17.  I love music and want to be on American Idol when I am older.
18.  I spent the 1st 3 months of my life in my swing.
19.  I love to laugh.
20.  I smile every time I get my picture made because the orange light makes me laugh.
21.  I do not like to sleep in clothes - I take them off when I can
22.  My Uncle Andrew wants to put me in the crock pot.
23.  I have more clothes than Mommy and Daddy.
24.  I am not a picky eater. 
25.  I have blue eyes - Mommy has brown and Daddy as green, explain that one.

Ok, that is 25 Random Things about me.  TAG YOU'RE IT, HEHEHEHE!!!


Camels & Chocolate said...

No way, you're sitting now, McK??? What a big girl! I want a video of this! Next time I see you, you'll probably be running all over the place!

John Rawlinson said...

1 random thing about your daddy:

Daddy misses you and mommy and can't wait until he is back in memphis.

Uncle Andrew said...

McKayla, you belong in a crock pot. It's that simple. If you keep being that cute, I'm going to have to get a 6 gallon crock pot to cook you in.