Friday, January 16, 2009

Lots of Fun with Mommy this Week

Mommy and I had a great week together.  I am so glad she got home safely from her trip.  On Tuesday we went and ran a lot of errands together.  Here is me trying out my new stroller before we left.
Then last night Mommy let me wear my new pj's that Aunt Celeste bought me for Christmas.  It was 10 degrees last night, so I was glad to have my warm pajamas.
Then Madellyn the cat jumped on the bed next to me.  Did you notice that we smile the same way for the camera?
I started saying Mama this week.  It made Mommy really happy ;)


brienne said...

sweet new ride girlie! you're rollin' in style now!

the mommy said...

you neglected to tell me she is saying mama!!!! is it wonderful!

andrew said...

mckayla, do you ever close your mouth, or are you going to be just like your mother when you grow up? i bet you catch some funny tasting bugs in there.