Sunday, January 25, 2009

Everyone Was Sick All Week

Mommy woke up Monday morning with a high fever, headache, sore throat, etc.  Daddy had the day off so he took care of Mommy and me that day.  He bought Mommy some medicine at the store and didn't realize it was going to make Mommy very sleepy.  She took 2 doses and slept the entire day.  Daddy let me peek in to check on her a few times but she was always sleeping!  Then on Tuesday night Daddy got a fever and had the same symptoms as Mommy, so he stayed home from work on Wednesday, but Mommy went to work so I still got to go see Gangi and Pop Pop.  By Thursday Mommy and Daddy were feeling better, but they still blow their noses all the time.  

I wish I knew how to blow my nose!  Mommy and Daddy keep holding me down and sucking my nose.  I keep telling them I don't like it, but they don't seem to care!  I have had a cold for a week now and Mommy got concerned because my snot was turning colors, so she took me to the doc.  He said I was just fine - that these colds just take a long time to get over.  Then they put me on the scale and I now weigh 18 pounds, 8 ounces! 

Here are some pictures of my week after I got sick on my clothes Mommy took them off before bath time:

Hopefully we will all have a much better week this week.  Lately I have been really clingy to Mommy and Daddy - I want their undivided attention at all times.  You would too if you felt like I do!

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Camels & Chocolate said...

Poor Mommy and Daddy =( I hope they feel better soon!