Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting Big Fast

Last night the dogs and I went to see Gangi & Pop Pop for dinner.  We were all playing on the floor and then I took Pop Pop's hat.  Hehe, I look silly.
This morning I spent 1/2 the day with Grammy and 1/2 the day with Gangi.  Grammy called Mommy at lunchtime today with some big news.  She felt 2 of my teeth were breaking through. Then Gangi called Mommy at work and said 'Guess what?'  But, Mommy already knew what she was going to say.  My gums are really sore, but it's ok because I am excited about getting some teeth.  I've been really clingy to Mommy lately, but wouldn't you if you had sharp objects coming through your gums?!?

Then I got home and played with Mommy and Daddy on the floor. 
Notice my hair in this next picture.  It is out of control.  Mommy and Daddy brush it all the time, but can't get it to stay down.  I think I need some styling products ;)
I will keep everyone updated on the status of my teeth.

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