Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Outfits and New Smile

My Grammy (who has changed her name from Grandmother Lou, and Huggy and many others to Grammy.  I keep telling Mommy that when I start talking I will call her whatever I want.  I'm thinking I will choose from Granny, Grandma, and other names that Uncle John & Andrew will encourage) made these outfits for me for Christmas:

Don't I look pretty?  Now every time Mommy pulls the camera out to take my picture I open my mouth as wide as I can.  This is my new trick.  Mommy took tons of pictures in both outfits and they all look the same.  Me with my mouth wide open.  


Camels & Chocolate said...

McK, I love your new blog design! And that purple dress is gorgeous!

Also? I'm so glad Big Lou opted against Huggy! I was going to veto that one =)

redneckmusings said...

her new name will be Puuuuuu Puuuuuuu. after all, no matter how advanced you think you are child, no child can pronounce l's early in life. p is much easier and i will encourage you until you get it right.

andrew said...

Holy Frijoles, McKayla!!! Your dresses are just gorgeous, LOL, BYOB, ROTFL! I think Lou should go for a name like "toasted cheese" or "emily" or something good like that.

andrew said...

Mckayla, will you always keep your mouth open when pictures are taken? I want to throw different candies, buttons, and small critters in your open piehole. you better keep it up.