Friday, September 19, 2008

My Week

Sorry that I have written on my blog this week, but I have been really busy with all that is going on Wall Street.  I have been glued to the TV.  Mommy told me the media is making all the old people really nervous!  The market is up now so I have a little time on my hands.

On Sunday, Mommy took me to church in my pretty pink dress that Grandmother Lou made me.
I like my dress, but I would much rather eat it.  

On Tuesday after my nap, my mommy heard me screaming, so she checked on me and look what I had done!  

That's right!  I rolled over from my back to my tummy!!  I only do this trick when no one is watching, so my mommy still hasn't seen it yet.  

Tonight my daddy is having his CD release show for his new album.  He plays his drums too loud for my ears, so I am going to go spend the night with Gangi.  I haven't decided yet whether or not I am going to behave :)  


brienne said...

McKayla, You are SOOO advanced-- following Wall Street!! I'm very impressed... maybe you could provide you perspective! :) And, that's a BEAUTIFUL pink dress btw!!! Have a great weekend!

andrew said...

i wish i could have come to see you last week, miss mckayla. i see that you are slowly conquering the world, which does not surprise me one bit. tell lou that i always enjoyed eating the clothes she made me almost as much as the broccoli she shoved down my throat.

uncle andrew