Saturday, September 6, 2008

Delta Fair - 9/6/08

Today Mom and Dad took me to the Delta Fair.  I got all dressed up with these silly sunglasses because mommy said it was going to be sunny, but she was wrong.  My daddy works at Smith & Nephew and so we got in free today.  I had a lot of fun.  The highlight of my day was when we went to the petting zoo.   There was a pig who had just had piglets, sheep, goats and lots of other animals.  While we were there a goat started sniffing me and mommy told my daddy, "Don't let that goat smell my daughter."  She is pretty picky who she wants smelling me.  After that I daddy and his buddy went on some rides. I'm not big enough yet, so mommy and I sat in the air conditioning. We pretended like we were going to buy some pots & pans so we could sit in the seats.  My mommy is pretty smart.  Then we came home and mommy gave me a bath and now I'm sleeping.  It was a hard day!

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ourlifefromscratch said...

The sunglasses picture is my favorite!