Friday, September 12, 2008

Daddy's B-day, 9/12

Today is my daddy's 27th birthday.  He is in Vegas on a work trip, so mommy and I were really sad that we couldn't share his special day with him.  I really miss him and can't wait until he comes home.  But, in his honor, I rolled over today.  Well, sort of.  I rolled over all except my head.  I can't help that there are so many brains in there, so it is too heavy to move!
After all the playing, I took a nap and when we woke up, mommy took me to see my pals, Julia and Charlie Cox.  I really like Julia.  We played on the blanket together.  I am still too little to play with Julia, but we are going to be pals when I am bigger.
Then Charlie woke up.  I was playing in his toy, so he cried which really upset me, so I screamed at the top of my lungs while mommy attempted to calm me down.  Charlie is only a baby  (2 1/2 weeks old), but we will be playing together when he gets a little older ;).   But, Daddy told me we couldn't date until I was 30.  I love going over to mommy's friend Maria's house.  I hope she takes me back soon.
 After my nap, I tried to roll over again, but again, my head was just a little too big.  Don't worry, I will finish rolling over soon!
It's time for bed.  I have to get a good night's sleep because Daddy is coming home tomorrow and I want to be happy when I see him.  I can't wait.


Camels & Chocolate said...

Oh, it works now! Yay!

Sooooo cute. McKayla, you're too advanced for your own good. And your daddy's right on the dating--though I'd say more like 35 or 40.

However, if you need booze when you hit high school, you know who to call ;-)

ourlifefromscratch said...

I can't believe she is (almost) rolling over! We are missing so much :( I told andrew we need to plan a visit. (I can't believe these medical types don't get more time off)