Saturday, March 28, 2009

Me and Rylie

We have 2 dogs named Java & Rylie.  I can't figure out why, but for some strange reason the dogs don't like me.  I am always very gentle when I pull their tails.  

So, when I'm playing, Rylie prefers to be locked in her kennel so I can't get to her.  I think it is pretty funny.  Check out my video.
Daddy went to Chicago for the day, but before he left, I tried on his shoe.  It did not fit - not yet at least ;-)
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.  Mommys work buddies came over to play last night.  It was super fun!


redneckmusings said...

be careful young lad. dogs can be very scary, especially if they are treated like queens when they are young. case and point, your aunt sadie.

gracensmom said...

oh my gosh, im crying over here!! how did you keep your cool while you recorded that! rylie is probably thinking, send me back to the pound!!!

Graunt Jeanie said...

can't believe she's getting around so well now. Can't wait until may!!