Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fabulous Weekend

Mommy and I had a great weekend together.  Daddy was out of town, so we loaded up in the car with Grammy and Granddaddy to go see Mommy's closest friends that live in Hattiesburg.  I do not like to ride in the car because Mommy straps me in and won't let me get out.  Does that sound fun to anyone?!?  So, it was a LONG way there and a LONG way home, but we still had a blast!  We spent Friday night with Mommy's friend Keith Ann and my new buddy Rebekah.  It was confusing because she has the same name as Mommy!  Crazy!

When we got there, I taught Rebekah how to jump, since you all know that jumping is my favorite thing to do!
Rebekah, don't worry you will get the hang of it!
Beks is 3 months older than me, so she was crawling everywhere so we couldn't get any good pictures together, so Mommy just gave up and took pictures of us individually.  I think we look a lot alike.  Mommy thinks it is because we are both so darn cute and have similar hairdos.  
On Saturday, Rebekah went to Jackson to celebrate her 1st B-day party, so Mommy and I went to see her ANOTHER Rebecca!  Now I'm REALLY confused!!!  Mommy and Rebecca have been best buds since the 1st grade.  I sure hope I will make a friend like that!  So we went and saw Rebecca's new baby Margaret who is 6 weeks old.  She was such a cutie, but Mommy didn't want to turn on her flash and hurt her eyes, so the picture is kind of dark.  
Isn't she cute?!?  She was only a baby, so I stole the show and showed off for everyone that came over to visit!  But, she will catch up with me before I know it and then we can play together.  I can't wait!  We had a blast over there.  

Then we went back to the Carter's house and waited for Rebekah and Keith Ann to get home.  We played with all Rebekah's toys.  I wanted to eat all of her books, but Mommy wouldn't let me!  Uncle Andrew says I look all grown up in this outfit that he gave me.
Then we woke up on Sunday and we went to swing at the park.  

Then Grammy and Granddaddy came to pick us up but we got one last pic of all of the girls
We had such a fun weekend!  We hope to go back and visit soon!

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Camels & Chocolate said...

That is too much baby cuteness in one post (though obviously my niece is the most bee-yoo-tee-ful!).