Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rough Week

My Great Aunt Watts (I like to just call her Aunt Watts - I think it makes her feel younger :) bought me some Minnie Mouse ears when she went to visit Mickey a few weeks ago.  I don't really understand why I was not invited on the trip.  I mean, they were all over the age of 21, I am the one that is SUPPOSED to go visit Mickey, but they brought me ears home, so I guess it is ok.  
I don't really like wearing them yet, if you can tell ;)
This week was a rough one for Mommy and me.  Mommy got really sick last Friday and was miserable all day Friday and Saturday, so Daddy took me to the lake.  Then I came home on Sunday with a HIGH fever.  I felt really crummy.  So, Mommy got to stay home with me while I recovered on Monday and Tuesday.  It was hard on Mommy to feel so bad and then get behind at work, but don't you guys worry, My Mommy is TOUGH!!!  Here is me soon after I had 104 fever.  I may look ok, but I was SICK!!
And here is me showing off all my 12 teeth.  Not sure if I have posted a picture of all my teeth yet :)
On Tuesday I was feeling MUCH better and so was Mommy.  I have a new trick where I like to carry around the dish rag while I'm walking around the house.  Obviously, my favorite is to put the dish rag over my head ;)
I did it again, 
And even covered my head in Rylie's kennel
Alright, enough blogging for tonight - it is bed time!  Soon I will blog about my awesome trip to B'ham this past weekend to see Uncle Andrew & Aunt Kelly.  We had a blast, but I need to hit the way.  Niiiiiiiiiiiigh Niiiiiiiiiiiight.  


Camels & Chocolate said...

Um, actually your Uncle Scott and Aunt Kristin picked out your ears since Aunt Watts, Uncle Greg and Aunt Kari refused to even GO to Disney at all this year! (Can you believe it?! The horror!)

Crystal said...

maybe she didn't like the ears because it pushed all her hair in her face :)