Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gracen-Filled Weekend + BIG NEWS + Runny nose

Sorry, to all my frequent readers, but our internet has been out for 10 days, so I haven't been able to do any blogging.  But, don't you guys worry, we still had a fun past few weeks with lots of pictures.  Mommy and I continue to have a blast on her days off from work.  Here is my first attempt at picture taking.  I have a feeling photography is going to be one of the many things I excel at ;) (This is my thumb if you guys can't figure that out)
Last weekend was a 'Gracen-filled' weekend.  We have SO much fun together.  We love to boss each other around and Gracen can even say "LAYLA."  I am working on saying Gracen, but haven't quite done it yet.  Instead I just get REALLY excited when I see her.  On Friday, we started off our weekend by Mommy and Aunt Stefanie taking us to the sprinkler park.  We both LOVED it.  First we played on the big kids playground.  Does everyone like my aqua socks?  They came in very handy at the playground and sprinkler park
Gracen liked my aqua socks too, check out what's in her hand ;)
Here is Gracen standing on some other kids towel ;)
But, Gracen holding my shoe hostage didn't stop me!
Then Friday night, Mommy and Daddy invited Uncle Jared, Aunt Stefanie and Gracen over for burgers, so we could play longer.  Aren't we getting to be big girls?!?  
Then Saturday night we went over to Uncle Jared & Aunt Stefanie's apartment, so we got to play together AGAIN, then Sunday we all went out to lunch after church then swimming.  I love spending time with Gracen - we are best buds.  

On Wednesday, Mommy and & I ate dinner at Gangi & Pop Pop's along with Uncle Jared, Aunt Stef and Gracen and they had big news for us!  I'm going to have ANOTHER cousin!!!  Hurray!!!! Gracen and I are going to have so much fun with the newest addition, though we are going to have to be patient for him/her to be able to play with us.  Until then, we still have each other!

Finally, I have had a runny nose lately.  On Friday, I was eating my Cheerios when Mommy noticed that one had gotten stuck under my nose.  Hehehe
Then Friday night, we were having family time and I sneezed and oops, I need to learn to blow my nose ;)
Alright, gotta go take a nap.  Daddy had to work all day, but we are going to the park for a picnic tonight, so I need my rest.  


redneckmusings said...

yay!!! what a long post with so much fun info and pics about shoes, clothes, and runny noses!.\ i'm so excited i beat kristin and posted before her. i'm awesome.

Camels & Chocolate said...

I hope you're also working on saying "Kristin" ("Kiki" will work, too) before we next meet!