Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Made My 1st Trip To B'ham!

So, Mommy & I packed up and went to Birmingham this weekend for "Girls Weekend"  No boys allowed!  Uncle Andrew had to work all weekend so Aunt Kelly invited me, Mommy & Grammy to keep her company.  They just bought this super cool house and Aunt Kelly even had toys and a high chair for me.  Uncle Andrew just started his residency at the hospital in the emergency room, so of course they make all the new guys work the late shift (7 p.m.-7 a.m.).  He was pretty tired most of the weekend, but that didn't stop us girls from having fun!  On Friday night (before Uncle Andrew went to work), Aunt Kelly and Uncle Andrew cooked us a YUMMY dinner - they even made homemade oreo ice cream.  It was so tasty, but Mommy only let me have a bite so it wouldn't hurt my tummy :(

Then on Saturday morning, we got up, went to the Farmers Market, which was super fun because everyone brought their GAWGS (i.e. dogs) with them to pick up their weekly fruits/veges.  Then we all went to the Birmingham Zoo!  Aunt Kelly invited Johnny, Tara and my boyfriend Jack to hang out with us.  Aunt Kelly has already set up an arranged marriage for me and Jack, but Daddy said not until I'm 30.  First we stopped to see the fish.
Then I posed for a picture (you guys know I don't turn down many picture taking opportunities).  See the fish in the background?!?  They wanted to be in the picture too ;)
Then we went off to the petting zoo, which is always the highlight of my trip.  Here is me and Mommy petting the goat
And then us checking out the hogs
And then me trying to coax the hog to let me pet it.  
And then we went and saw the giraffes.  The baby giraffe was running around acting crazy (just like me;).  Aunt Kelly and I thought it was pretty funny!
After our trip to the zoo, we went home to take showers and a nap.  When we got up, we went to see Jack and then off to go shopping!  Every girls favorite thing to do!  After shopping we went to a really girly restaurant and had fancy sandwiches and pizzas.  They were yummy. And finally to end our super fun girls night, we had a pillow fight, which of course is my all time favorite thing to do.  I wanted to stay up late with the rest of the girls, but Mommy made me go to bed so I would be happy when I saw Daddy today.

So, this morning we said goodbye to Uncle Andrew after his late shift at the hospital and headed home.  Whew, what a tiring, but FUN weekend with Aunt Kelly, her Mommy (Mrs. Sharon), Grammy and Mommy.  Now I'm home and Daddy and I just had a blast playing with the hose - he drenched me with water!


Tara & Johhny said...

jack says that he had a lot of fun with you and to come back to visit soon!

Kelly said...

I agree with jack! I had a blast :) Remembering mckayla during the pillow fight will probably keep me laughing for months.