Saturday, November 15, 2008

My New Shoes

Today I wore my new pink converse because I'm trying to be a cool kid.  Daddy bought me these shoes before I was born, but they have been too big until now.  Here is me about to go shopping to with Mommy and Daddy.  
I was a big hit while we were out.  The lady at Office Depot loved my new shoes.  I got worn out on the way home from shopping, so mommy put me to bed new shoes and all.  
My cousin Gracen is coming over for dinner, so Mommy told me to take a good nap so we can play together.  Oh, by the way, check out my shirt.  In case you can't see all of it, it says "Daddy, I won't a pony."  I saw it at Target yesterday and begged Mommy to buy it for me so I could have something to match my new shoes.  She also bought me my jeans which are way too big, but I will grow into them soon.


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camels & chocolate said...

I love your mew shoes, McK--pink, just like your Aunt Kristin's favorite color! Did you know you're coming to visit me in one month, and we're gonna have margaritas and play Old Maid? Neat!