Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weekend Visitors

This weekend Uncle John, Uncle Andrew & Aunt Kelly came to see me and meet Baby Margaret. Somehow Uncle John left without taking any pictures :( Don't worry, we will get some over Christmas!

On Saturday morning Aunt Kelly and Uncle Andrew came over to play while Mommy and Daddy took there very first outing along since Margaret had been born - breakfast at Brother Junipers. We played outside most of the time and took pictures. Here are a few of them

Me, Margaret and Aunt Kelly
Me and Uncle Andrew - He is SILLY!
Me playing in the yard
Me playing in Java and Rylie's doghouse

And Baby Margaret
After Mommy and Daddy got home, Uncle Andrew and Daddy started brewing beer. Uncle Andrew got the kit for Daddy's birthday and he LOVES it. I think Daddy found a new hobby :)

While the guys brewed beer, Mommy, Aunt Kelly, Margaret and I went to the park to take pictures.

Here is me and Margaret - excuse Mommy's hand - she didn't trust me to hold Margaret by myself ;)

I didn't really feel like smiling, so Mommy let me go play on the slide while Aunt Kelly continued taking pictures
Here are all the ones of Baby Margaret. She is BEAUTIFUL!!

After nap time, I was in a much better mood so posed for a few pictures and actually smiled.

We had such a great weekend and I was so sad to see everyone go home. But, we plan to all get together for Christmas. I can't wait!


Camels & Chocolate said...

a) Someone's getting good with the Canon.

b) Someone's hair is getting CRAZIER than ever!

I love that top photo of the M's and Kel! Such a framer. Cute one of Droosk, too.

McKayla, start updating your blog more regularly, girl! Having a new baby sister to care for is no excuse ;-)

Leckerbissen Meister said...

Someone needs more updated photos? How will I know the girls are growing????!!!???

Leckerbissen Meister said...

come seeeee meeeeeeee

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