Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm TWO!!!Il

On Saturday, I turned TWO!!! I slept in until 9 and then Mommy got me up and let me open a few of my presents before they took me to out for my birthday breakfast. Aunt Kelly & Uncle Andrew couldn't make my party, but they still sent me my FAVORITE present - an ARIEL PILLOW!!! I don't know if you guys know it, but the Little Mermaid is my favorite movie these days and I love anything and everything with mermaids on it. Mommy and Daddy then gave me an Ariel book & coloring book and let me wear my favorite shirt since it was my birthday - yep an Ariel shirt.
After breakfast, we went last minute shopping for my party, then it was naptime, then the "Princess Party" began with my favorite outdoor activity - SWIMMING!!! Check out my new bathing suit I got for my b-day. Daddy said it was the only one left in my size and this was the last year I got to wear a 2 piece bathing suit ;)

Here is me, and my buddies Betsie and Warren and of course Gracen, sitting on the side of hte pool with me
After swimming, we had yummy hamburgers and hotdogs that Daddy and Pop Pop cooked for us. I sat at the "kids table" and ate like a big girl.
Then it was my favorite time of the day - ARIEL CAKE TIME!! Check out the super cool cupcake cake that Mommy and Daddy got me. It has 2 candles on it b/c 'I'm 2.'
I loved my cake and that everyone at the party was singing Happy Birthday to McKayla. Can you tell that I love getting attention?

Daddy had to help me blow out my candles
Time for cake
Using a spoon is too hard - I'm just going to dig in ;)
Then it was present time!! Betsie, Warren and Rebekah Barnes got me a book with Bible verses for me to memorize - it won't be long before I can do that!
Then Aunt Stefie, Uncle Jared, Gracen and Baby Grant got me these cool Ariel sunglasses among many other cool gifts (including an Ariel bathing suit and art supplies!)
Gangi and Pop Pop also got me some art supplies to go with my new easel that Mommy and Daddy got me. I've had a blast coloring ever since I got all my new supplies. I'm going to be an artist ;)
Then I opened my very own Ariel doll from Brienne (my friend who always takes me to get chicken). Thanks Brienne!
And then my last present was a wagon from Grammie and Granddaddy. I LOVE riding in it! Grammie said I had to share it with my baby sister soon, but for now, I prefer to share it with Gracen ;)

Thanks to all my friends (Betsie, Warren, Rebekah, Beck, Gracen and Baby Grant) and family who came to my party and made it such a special day for me. I was definitely a princess for the day and had so much fun!

The day after my birthday was another special day - Father's Day. I love my Daddy and I hope he felt special on Father's Day. Mommy and I got him a new Keurig coffee maker. Thanks Daddy for loving me and Mommy and all you do to provide for us. You are the greatest!


Camels & Chocolate said...

Happy late birthday, McK! Something tells me you might have more presents in store for you this weekend...

Kelly said...

thanks for posting all these pictures! sad we couldn't make it for the big day :) mckayla is growing up so fast!

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