Saturday, December 12, 2009

St Jude 1/2 Marathon

Last weekend Mommy and some of her buddies ran the Memphis St Jude 1/2 Marathon. They decided to call themselves the Golden Girls since the logo of Legacy Wealth Management (Mommy's work) is the Golden Egg. Lulu (i.e. Lindsey) kept singing the theme song of the Golden Girls show, but that is WAY before my time (and hers too ;) Brienne and Lindsey made theses super cool shirts too. They even raised over $1400 for St Jude - I'm so proud of the Golden Girls!

Here is Mommy, Brienne, Lindsey and Celeste before the race. They were smart staying inside until the last minute because it was COLD outside (about 27 degrees in fact)
Here is the start line
And here are the Golden Girls on Riverside Drive. Everyone kept cheering for the Golden Girls because the shirts were so cute. Notice how short Mommy is, hehehehehe ;)

Here is me and Mommy after the race. I had been out in the cold for a couple of hours, so I was not a happy camper
Here is me with all the Golden Girls with their new bling from finishing 13.1 miles. I'm proud of Mommy, but I am REALLY proud of Lulu. She had never run a 1/2 marathon before and she did GREAT!!! She even promised to do another one sometime!
And here is the Golden Girls without me.
After the race they took me to eat yummy Mexican food. Thanks to Daddy for taking me downtown to see Mommy. We had fun! Oh, and for copyright purposes, all the photos you see on this blog post are from Lulu's camera.


Lindsey said...

McK - Great job on your post!!! The best part about the whole day was seeing your cute little smile when we got done running!!!


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