Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We had a very eventful week, but Mommy (oh and Aunt Stefanie) didn't take many pictures except with her very cool iPhone (which is my favorite toy of all times)!

On Wednesday, Gangi was out of town so Aunt Stefanie and Gracen came and spent the day with me (Mommy owes Aunt Stefanie BIG time for this - which is fine with me because it just means I get to see Gracen more ;). Anyways, Gracen and I were having craft time with the markers, but we only wanted to color ourselves, not the paper :) Here is what I did to myself while Aunt Stefanie was trying to remove the marker from Gracen's hand.
We had a blast all day and didn't even want to sleep all day. Poor Aunt Stefanie!

Then on Saturday was Dada's real b-day. Happy 28th BIRTHDAY DADA!!! We celebrated by going out to breakfast, then to the Germantown Festival. It was a lot of fun. They even had rides for the little kids like me! Here is me on the airplane ride before takeoff.

And then after it started. It was so much fun and we went super fast (as you can tell)
For the rest of Dada's b-day we went to Charlie's 1st B-day party (also SUPER fun!) and then I got to go to James and Candace's wedding. Wow, what a day! I slept good that night!

Mommy promises to go try to find a charger for the video camera so I can post videos of all I have learned lately.