Monday, April 20, 2009

A Week of Pictures

This past Wednesday was Mommy's least favorite day of the year, tax day.  Luckily, Mommy finished all our taxes an entire day early!   Yeah!
Mommy taught me to use Turbo Tax, so next year, I am going to do our taxes.  If anyone else needs my help, let me know.  Uncle Andrew has already hired me to do his ;).  After we finished our taxes, Mommy let me play Wii.  
Mommy beat me, but I will beat her soon because I have way more time on my hands than she does.  After playing Wii, I took my nap and check out my hair when I woke up.  Here is the front view.

And here is the side view.
I think I have Grammy's hair!

This week, my new thing is every time I pull up on something, I want to lick it.   Here is me at the door.
And at the coffee table.  Yummmm!!!
Oh, and I turned 10 months old this week.  Mommy can't believe it!  


Camels & Chocolate said...

10 months? Girl, you better stop getting so old! What happened to my big ol' open-mouthed smile? (Though the licking alternative is quite humorous.)

the mommy said...

i can't believe it either! she is getting so old! and charlie's right behind her! agh!!! our babies!!! :( and you've so got a party to plan!